Matthew McCall, LUTCF
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2018 NAIFA-Iowa Four Under 40 Winner
Matthew E. McCall, LUTCF


Name: Matt McCall

Designations: LUTCF

Company: State Farm

Years in the Industry: 17

Hobbies: As a Firefighter and EMT, a lot of my hobbies are related to education and training in that field as well. I also enjoy spending time with my family. We enjoy fishing and anything outdoors. We spend a lot of time camping during the summer and working in our garden.

What are you most passionate about professionally? Personally?

My greatest passion in this business is having the ability to stand up and be a safe harbor for my clients in the worst of times and the best of times as well. I enjoy the relationships we build with our clients as we witness the transitions in their lives. Personally, I am most passionate about being a positive role model for my children. I strive to teach them about giving back and helping others.

What’s your biggest accomplishment?

In 2008, my Agency was ranked in the top 25 of new State Farm agents in the country. We have consistently performed over the years to a high level of success and continue to do so. I’m also very proud of all the lives we’ve protected through life insurance and the impact it has made in so many others lives.

What problems do you consistently solve for your clients?

The biggest problem we consistently run into with our clients is working within a budget to solve financial problems. We work with our clients on establishing budgets and educating them on not only products, but the benefits it creates for their families.  

What weakness do your friends and family know you for?

Everyone that knows me seems to know I am always running late! No matter how hard I work to be on time, I always get distracted by something and end up arriving late!

What are you complimented on most in your work?

The thing we are most complimented on is our commitment to follow through and follow up. If we make a promise to our clients, we will see it through to the finish. I think people would also say we are passionate about our work. We sincerely care for our clients and work to create the best solutions.

Why are you a NAIFA member and how has NAIFA made a difference in your practice/life?

My first year in the business I was introduced to NAIFA and I have either been a member or associated with a company that was since. NAIFA was the first place I was introduced to the size and scope of what we do and the professionalism of those who do it. NAIFA has been on our side in not only assisting us in networking with others and education, but has also in being a strong proponent of our business throughout our consistently changing regulatory climate.

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